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John Knouse's Miscellanea

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IconsIcon Site (Downloadable)

These are icons for MS Windows. Feel free to use them.

ColorsBrowser Colors

A brief guide to using colors on your Web pages.

PuzzlePuzzle of the Month!

A brain teaser. A combination of problem-solving skills and knowledge. The first one is still posted because nobody's guessed it right yet.

MoviesKnouse on Movies

Another opportunity to express myself.

HouseJohn Knouse's Household and Living Tips

To help you run your house and your life

Jefferson County Memorial ForestThe Jefferson County Memorial Forest (Kentucky)

The Jefferson County Memorial Forest is a 5,300-acre forest preserve in Jefferson County, Kentucky, just outside Louisville, Kentucky. I've worked extensively there and offer my perspective.

SpacemenFiction (including Science Fiction)

None of the magazines have yet bought any of my stories, but I keep writing them, so I'm putting them in here.