North of Here

North of Here is a comic strip about politics, the human condition, life, the universe, and other things.

Characters include:
  • Moose Lee: a moose, naturally, into healthy breakfast cereals and karate
  • Augusta Lynx: a lynx, evidently, and a woman who believes in standing her ground
  • Lemuel Lemming: a lemming, obviously, a sort of comic foil
  • Thomas and Virginia Wolf and the cubs
  • Nussmuk: a badger
  • Strange W. Brush (The Boss): an officious chimpanzee
  • Insain-Lee Bent-Lojjiq: a sociopathic camel
  • Sodam Hassle: a corrupt cockroach
  • Helva Burden: a pig who just loves oil
  • The Foxes: a suspicious bunch
  • Gross Dimbulb, a pig, right-wing radio talk show host

So why centered around a moose, and why up north somewhere? It's all because I became fascinated by the word "muesli", meaning a type of breakfast cereal, and that became "Moose Lee", a moose who appreciates healthy breakfast cereals and Karate, and, of course, mooses live up north.

A print compilation of the first 36 strips is available, called
North of Here . . . So Far
with running commentary. To order, please send $5.00 (postpaid) to John Knouse, PO Box 1196, Athens, OH 45701.

Past Strips:

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