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Personal Page of John A. Knouse

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If you want some clues as to what kind of person would construct a home page like this, maybe this will help. I'll warn you, though, I'm still looking for clues myself.

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Personal Information about John A. Knouse

Fodo of John Knouse

John Arthur Knouse
PO Box 1196
Athens, OH 45701
Phone: 740.707.9060
home page URL:

Christmas Letter 2010 (.pdf)

Publications list

Frognet lost the
file Son of:
Charles Allison Knouse, DO and
Iris Christine Ehrenreich, MA

Brother of:
Father of:

Libby KnouseElizabeth ("Libby") Alice Knouse

Rachel KnouseRachel Vivian Knouse

Central interest:
Creation of a sustainable society
Educational background:
BA, Liberal Studies, University of Louisville (KY)
Languages spoken:
English (native)
French (competent)
Spanish (passable)
Learning Russian and German
Past vocations:
Parks planner
MR/DD services planner
Landscaping consultant
Trail builder
Current occupation:
Graduate student, MSES (Master's in Environmental Studies), Ohio University
Writing (nonfiction and science fiction)
Computer programming (DOS platform)
Gardening with native plants
Song writing
Trail construction