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Links Page of John A. Knouse

Personal Links of Interest


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American Fern Society
Ferns have been a hobby of mine for some time. I guess they fascinate me because they are so ancient in origin and so different from flowering plants today. Anyway, here's a national organization for people who share such an interest.

Chalice Unitarian-Universalist Association
Home base in Boston. Need I say more? Oh, yes, inlinks and outlinks, too.

Rainforest Action Network
Trying to work to save rainforests. Lots of information on how to get involved.

Greenpeace International
Greenpeace USA
A lot of people think that Greenpeace is too radical, but I think they're doing a lot of what needs to be done.

Old Trees American Chestnut Cooperators' Foundation
A wonderful effort to re-establish the great American chestnut in our eastern forests, using surviving trees to try to breed blight-resistant stock. This effort deserves your support.

Nebula NASA Foto Gallery
Wonderful fotografic images from NASA.

FamilySearch Family Search Site (LDS)
The Mormon Church's genealogy site.

Buckeye Trail Association
Operating the Buckeye Trail, which wraps around the state of Ohio.

Athens Area Sustainability Festival Athens Area Sustainability Festival
Celebrating community sustainability and larger sustainability issues.

Dysart Defenders
Supporting Dysart Woods, an old-growth forest in eastern Ohio.

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