State-Listed Pteridophytes in Vermont

These are the lycophytes, ferns and fern allies that are officially listed as rare by the State of Vermont. The information is taken from the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department, Vermont Natural Heritage Inventory's Threatened and Endangered Plants of Vermont List.

State Status

Legal protection under Vermont Endangered Species Law (10 V.S.A. Chap. 123)


Endangered: in immediate danger of becoming extirpated in the state


Threatened: with high possibility of becoming endangered in the near future

Other Notations

*Probably no longer present in state

True Ferns

Adiantum viridimontanumGreen Mountain maidenhair fernT
Asplenium montanummountain spleenwortT
Asplenium viridegreen spleenwortT
Dryopteris filix-masmale fernT
Lygodium palmatumclimbing fernE
Woodsia alpinaalpine woodsiaE
Woodwardia virginicaVirginia chain-fernT

Fern Allies

Botrychium minganenseMingan moonwortE
Equisetum palustremarsh horsetailT


Isoetes engelmanniiEngelmann's quillwortT